Thursday, April 7, 2011

Yes Virginia there is a solution

The solution is spray starch, I have had a little trouble with flimsy and soft red fabric for the stars in my last post. The answer to all my troubles is spray starch! I have a can near the ironing board and spray with gay abandon, it touches everything, luckily the floor is capret or I would be skating across it! My new work shirts are starched by default into nice neat creases. It covers every inch of my ironing board.   Hoping to get those blocks finished soon and made up ready for quilting.......

Of course life goes on, I have borrowed a few quilting mags from a friend and have been very impresed by a Japanese quilt - might have to get the pencil out and do some drawing.

Time for a new picture. This is a quilt I made for my husbands dear friend Leanne for her baby boy Xavier who was born last year. Original design, machine appliqued and quilted. Both my children and husband helped with the design, each proud of their handiwork in the design process. A quilt that is fun, original and made to be played on and slept under. Its amazing what can be done with a pencil and paper!
A big shark chasing the smaller fish, a few kites in the sky, a hot air balloon, sea horses and a rocket all add to the things to find.

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