Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Thread size vs fabric vs design scale

The August Sew Cal Gal challenge, done in a bit of a hurry, this is almost a perosnal signature design, a little hard to replicate, but can be made your own with a little tweaking. I like the swirling lines and the peaks, unexpected in their irregularity, but regular enough for repetition.
I used a 100 wt Invisafil thread on a heavier fabric, the scale of the design is not pleasing to me due to the heaviness of the fabric and the scale of the design. It can be remedied by a thicker thread, or a more delicate design scale.
On a more productive note, I have one quilt almost quilted (2 1/2 small borders to do), another has been blocked and ready to face, and the applique nearly finished on another.
However I need to go to paid employment for a few night shifts- then 3 days off- hopefully to sew like crazy!

Monday, August 27, 2012

Sneak peek at a madwoman's life

 The quilt exhibition entires are due this week, I have one more month to get them finished. All four to be precise, all at different levels of being finished.
The first pic is the 2m x 2m quilt top almost ready to be sandwiched- then quilted.
It will be done, not entirely sure how I am going to quilt it, but it talks to me when we are together so I think it will be OK.
We have 2 birthdays in the next weeks, my husband's , then one with a 0 and a 5 for me, so a bit of celebrating and a lot of quilting. A lot of quilting- what do I want for my birthday?- endless days to quilt and not other stuff -like housework, paid employment which is a bit of a nuisance at times- new parents- "the midwife cannot teach you everything you need to know in a 2 day hospital stay- do your research before you have the baby!!"
This is a blurred sneak peek at another piece that is almost done, I am queen of the last minute and will use my time wisely- going to the gym amid the chaos to loosen the shoulders and free the mind.

Off to quilt-.....

Thursday, August 9, 2012

A commendation

I had a lovely letter in the post - this quilt has won a commendation at the local show- that is an agricultural show! in Brisbane it is called the EKKA- short for exhibition- a lot of words are abbreviated in Queensland - not sure exactly why - 'ekka' is as long a word as 'show'. Never mind, its a show where other quilters who are not necessarily member so the QQ enter their work.  So a different group of entrants and judges makes it interesting.
I am off on Monday to do Quilt Hostess so will be able to see all the winners.

Now to work on this years QQ quilts- so little time and so much to do.
Work- that is paid work gets in the way...we did have a record number  of babies on my night shift earlier this week, so I have earned a rest I think- or maybe not- bck on night shift tonight- lucky I have a bag of red frogs in my bag to keep me going!

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Mojo back

Have been sick then busy at work and in a haze about a few projects. Now it is on, I am inspired by the Row by Row challenge and have started afresh, need to make the first months row again, but now I know what I want to do it will be easy.
 This is the new fabric, well some that is years old that I found in the cupboard, it will be sort of Modern Quilt like in its style, of course unable to reveal the final row till next Tuesday. The rows will all feature this grey fabric and a few others like it that have been lurking for some time waiting for the right project.
Am working on the bundle project too, computer not happy to dowload picture today, so next time, the contents of the bundle are in the sun drying.