Wednesday, February 26, 2014

On a roll!

 Ok I am on a roll, feeling better, went to work yesterday at my second job, had a lovely night there. Extra pocket money for my October trip to Australian Machine Quilters Festival!

On a quilty note, have quilted and bound a quilt for a friend in need, have finished 2 cushions for a project and bound my small quilt for that project.. Also have done a mountain of unpicking and then requilted a Modern quilt, sewn the binding on, now just need to hand stitch it on.
Also making my Art quilt! at the last minute of course, the blocks are ones I started in a Gwen Marston class last year. Just playing with how to put them together.

Then in my energy filled state I went to the gym for the first time in a month, then came home and baked 2 slices- one for a work party tomorrow.- as my daughter said earlier this week- I am on fire!
Oh and Uni starts this week for one and next week for the other child, so life will change a lot, more study- I hope, and less lying around and watching TV or playing computer games - as they both juggle work and study.

block in progress

fabric choices- all solids

another block in progress, such fun and so liberating!
a block ready to be put together
A trial layout- hmmm

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Why use cream thread?

When you can use pink! I did some unquilting as I was not happy, with plenty of time on my hands as I have been unwell, but lying in bed all day is no fun. So I unpicked then started pink thread! What fun!  So much better. 
A deadline has spurred me into action- again, I must learn to say no!
So much fun to stitch

my new phone, now to type in all the contact numbers as both my tech heads here can't work out how to do it!

Some drawing, well, scribbling that helps with machine quilting, its fun to draw a shape then fill it like the 2 small rectangles upper left.

some more doodling, I bought a zen doodle book while on holidays, a lot of fun, then of course had to buy new fine pens. Luckily I have a great little book with thick good quality pages as the build up of ink doesn't go through the pages.

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Post holiday doldrums

After a lovely holiday I have landed with a thud! a parasite infection/infestation has left me pathetic and sick. Lots of antibiotics and rest, no alcohol- so how can I not lose any weight? and no appetite too.

I was pulled out of my sick bed by my friend Kate this week, actually it  was just what I needed. I am finishing quilting a quilt for her, that is right up my alley, anything else and I would still be languishing in my bed.
Kate's quilt, sleepless nights and an early morning has spurred me on to tidying up my sewing room a little, and also to finish my own projects, several which have deadlines coming up soon.
I did do a little holiday purchase of fabric- below - a large print was required, and this is a beauty, a few coordinating fabrics accidentally found their way into the bag , but maybe I didn't buy enough! the red is perfect, not sure of the pale teal - in fact it is so wrong! will keep looking.

 A gift certificate from number one son saw me getting a lovely parcel of fabric from Sew Modern, a little different, but I am looking forward to playing with these. I chose from a vast range this is only the tip of the iceberg where modern fabric is concerned. Such a change after buying quilting or even cotton fabric in the early 80's! and even the 90's! I chose fabric that I would not normally buy- right out of my comfort zone.

Last post saw my daughter starting knitting a scarf, it is coming along really well, she is keen to knit a jumper. However the discounted wool was $ 7 per ball! we need 9 or 10, may as well buy one already knitted. Will keep an eye out for wool that she likes that will not be a passing fancy.