Monday, April 4, 2011

Red stars

Last year at the AQC in Melbourne I bumped into an old friend from Hobart, she was looking at my Art Quilt in the Queensland Quilters State of the Art Exhibit, and had the sense of mind to phone me on my mobile to say she liked it!  Neither of us knew the other was going to be there, I was actually sitting about 2 metres away having coffee! Kim enticed me to buy a Jelly Roll of red and white fabric, not the usual way I buy fabric. I sat and looked at it for a while, then decided to make it into blocks. This is one of the great unfinished quilts. Now it is being turned into larger star blocks, just needed some more fabric-of course, and some more precision piecing. I hope to have some nice spaces for lovely machine quilting, as at the same time I bought the extra fabric I bought a Hari Walner machine quilting book.
There will be 9 large 24" blocks.

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