Wednesday, April 13, 2011


I  have almost finished my first pair of socks! just need to stitch the toe together, can't get the right one on my damaged foot, but I am happy to have finished. The stripes get out of order at the heel, bu they are lovely.  Not quite sure why poeple would knit socks for a living!!! Have started the next pair, its a good camping and TV watching pasttime.
Sue, yes you are right, last time I had an injury it was my thimble finger - no fun at all.
My mission today is to put a quilt top together! thats if I can find the right fabric for it to be finished.
I am going to a Hollis Chatelain class in a  few weeks, and need to take some quilt tops! help - I have none! so this one will be it, I might have to make a small floral quilt to take as well, no stitching but design work at this class, but I feel under prepared. Wish I had paid the full fee and got the class list earlier so I could have been organised, or at least read the class description earlier, oh well.
Foot improving, still a bit sore, but walking is easier and both kids on L plates so I am being driven most places, just need to get myself home from school/uni where ever they need to get to, and I can drive OK, just walk slow. Slowly getting up the driving hours.....

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