Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Indigo dyeing with friends

This last weekend, I had a lovely day off in the country dyeing with a very smelly vat of indigo dye.

Such fun, I wore totally the wrong clothes! some of my friends took off their clothes, at least I was restrained enough to leave my white skirt on and not spill any!
Some of the prep work involved mad stitching just before we left and then some drawing up of threads in the car. I had a fair idea of what to do, but next time will make some more time available for the prep work! I wrapped some small pebbles with thread in an old fashioned way, this one is yet to be undone, that's a job for today.
Just hope not too much colour washes out in the rinsing!

Such fun to be able to sit and stitch with friends, some not stitching, some learning the finer art of making a quilt!
Some just chatting. Some brave men went and walked up a mountain, my husband went to the local golf course to play- only to find a tournament on!
Interestingly this years Queensland Quilters exhibition theme is blue and white, I have made one blue and white quilt- a pattern by Geta Grama, of Romania, who has kindly given us permission to use her pattern for our raffle quilt. This is it almost finished, the quilt is now quilted and I am putting a hanger on it, tickets available soon!
I have also made another blue and white for my daughter, blue scraps sort of, except the scrap bin is still full.....
Stitched, dyed and drying in the sun, the result is below, I think this is my favourite
Machine stitched lines in a long stitch, pulled up, this was a good car project, pulling the threads up!

Hanging on the line, its almost dark, but the design is pleasing

A simple folded design, this one was the longest in the dye pot, hope it doesn't fade too much!

Monday, March 16, 2015

Progress at last

I have been busy, both  at work and at home.

A long weekend away with the girls sewing, eating and generally relaxing has given me some inspiration and also sewing time.
There are deadlines looming, so the best way to deal with those is to start a new project!

A blue and white for my entry into the Queensland Quilters October show, more work on my hexagon quilt, and some fun stitching on some fun fabric by Ali George of Aliquilts.

Oh and a picture or 2 in the latest Down Under Quilts! you will have to buy it to see them!
Detail of cushion

more cushion

funky pieced cushion

detail of funky cushion

start of blue and white

hand stitched Ali quilts fabrics, a nice relaxing thing to do!