Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Ticking off the list

I have a list of quilts that are half finished, or not started yet - I am in the proces of ticking one more off as being finished.
A small quilt for the QQ challenge, a real challenging fabric. I can't show it yet but as soom as it is judged for the Quendland Quilters challenge it will be on show at the upcoming craft fair , then it will be revealed.
A small un/happy bonus is that I sprained my ankle- the right again! on Sunday so as well as having yesterday as a rostered day off I have today to rest up, then 3 days at work then a weeks holiday- hooray! Time to rest, and I can sew, although last time I machined with my left foot I sewed over my finger!
Must remember to stay inside when it is raining and always wear shoes as my ankle sems a bit unstable barefoot on uneven wet grass.
 The planning for the holiday later in the year- a little light reading.
 The remnants of my fat quarter of fabric for the QQ challenge- yes I used almost every bit!
Finished these socks yesterday, so many things you can do while confined to a chair.

Monday, February 11, 2013

Works in progress


There are  many works in progress in my sewing room, this is the remnants one of them, it is a Row by Row challenge for Queensland Quilters night group. Slowly but surely yesterday I made 4 rows! hooray, all my holiday sewing done in a day- but wait I didn't have holidays (except for 4 weeks late November/early December). So I can't show it till later on in the year. It is a modern quilt.

Yummy thread I won at the quilt show. Waiting to be used...
 Mummy's little helper, in the background - a postcard using some of Lisa Wlaton's funky coloured stuff - Colour web I think, interesting stuff to use.....

A bag of fabric justbegging to be used, i do have some projects in my mind, just need to finish what is started.

A lovely day yesterday sewing and chatting with my friend M, just forgot to play scrabble - what a sin.