Saturday, November 5, 2016

Some prizes and some fun!

A little post holiday depression has had me not blogging for a bit. Now that I am back on board, here is the news.
The Queensland Quilters exhibition, held in conjunction with Expertise Events Craft and Quilt Fair was on the day I returned from Italy! what a big week.
One of my quilts won best theme quilt- half square triangles, another received a judges commendation in the small modern category.
This is a special quilt for my fiend Suzanne, she has a particular fondness for flamingo's

The small quilt has also just been selected for the Australian Modern Quilt Show to be held in Sydney in November. A little bit of excitement there, its nice to be exhibiting nationally.

I currently have one quilt overseas travelling with the World Quilt Show, one travelling with Expertise Events as part of the AQC challenge, and another travelling with EE as part of my local Broadstrokes special exhibition, that has also been to Taiwan!

Life is busy, and as we head to the end of the year there are a few competition quilts to be made , and some pieces for another Broadstrokes exhibition. No rest here for me...
I am also playing with my new Berina Q20 and a new ruler foot and some fun rulers.

 Life as a quilter is very exciting, so many wonderful quilts to see, be made and many friends to share them with!