Wednesday, April 20, 2011


Nearly a week has passed, I have not been lazy its just that the computer is so slow , a child has used all the download time and we are lucky that it actually works at all, it is almost prehistoric.
After several busy days a work including 2 night shifts where we all certainly earned our money, I have a few days off. Might go to the GOMA and see an exhibition, might go out for lunch..... the possibilities are endless.

Ankle strapped heavily by physio, I even had some accupuncture, and  must say it feels better already. Bruising going down.

This is a little Art quiltlet I made for the on line group Art Quilts Around the World, the theme was 'Flora', as decided by me. It is pre machine quilted -( much easier than trying to quilt round each leaf later as they are a bit 3D) and then some funky freehand cut leaves stitched on, the flora in Queensland is quite different from Tasmania, I was inspired by spiky leaves and bright colour. The stringy bits are kitchen string twisted and glued to stiffen, with some stuffed seed pods.
Thats if the picture will load.....
Spending the weekend working, but will find time to stitch down some flowers for a "Floral Carpet" ready for next weeks machine quilting class.

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