Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Friends, Cake and other things

Yesterday I had the pleasure of my friends coming over for a play day, lots of chat. show and tell and a little cake!
I have been very lucky since my move to Brisbane where I knew 3 people  (who didn't quilt) to find a whole group of like minded souls whose company I enjoy and who inspire me to create, think inside and outside the traditional, and make me happy to be here. I was a little tired after my late night, but that didn't deter the business of the day. We should do it more often, shame we all don't have very rich husbands - but that we have to go to work and assist the economy....
Plenty of show and tell, many have completed challenge projects, we are to show our challenge pieces at the next Quensland Quilters night meeting - so they need to be done! Didn't take any pics as I got busy.
I have almost finished my small quilt top to take to the Hollis Chatelain class on Saturday, but am disappointed that I don't have anything else more suitable. oh well might make the most of kids and husband away today and 'whip up' someting small....

The finished plate - yum

It was Kates birthday last week, my daughter Isabel baked her a delicious chocolate cake. Unfortunately Kate closed her eyes , but I have a little video, made by mistake, which I will send to her so she can edit it! as I can't- showing by my skills in making a video by mistake in the first place....

This is a mock up of the Floral Carpet that I have made, it was one of the ideas- I used a diferent layout, which I will take to the class on the weekend. But it does give me an idea just looking at the photo!
Now I will go and try to make some more flowers a litle smaller and make a piece for the class - husband and kids away all day don't need to do housework as nobody notices anyway. Might even have another afternoon nap.

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