Saturday, March 31, 2012

Something old, something new, borrowed and blue

This is a quilt that has 2 purposes! Its my 3rd prize winning quilt for the Queensland Quilters recent challenge, but funnily enough covers the bases for the Art Quilts Around the World challenge too.
The floral fabric and the blue of the dress are all the same challenge fabric (below), the background is a piece of old organza curtain that someone threw out at a quilt group last year (it was a bit dusty and well loved and faded!) laid over some purple hand dyed fabric.
challenge fabric
The background quilting design was borrowed / adapted/ inspired ( in part) from a blog that I have been watching closely 'Green Fairy Quilts'- really inspiring, also the thought about doing a dress is from this book

The dress is made of fused flower shapes, then machine quilted heavily- which is my trademark! The background is heavily quilted in 3 shades of green. The quilt is 50cm x 70 cm.
The new is the party dress fit for a fairy to wear at a special occasion!

Friday, March 30, 2012

Do you sew every day?

This is what my cleaning lady asked a few weeks ago, on one of the few occasions that I am home (sewing) when she comes - due to the irregularity of shift work. The answer is - I try- but there are days when it does not happen. I can do the ironing and hope for a reward of a few sewing minutes, or lustfully caress fabric with my eyes as I rush out the door on my way to work or pick up my daughter.. but sometimes due to the business of life, I just can't even get near the work waiting to be done.

There are deadlines that make me work like crazy on a certain piece- which in fact are the best incentive of all, especially if its for an exhibition.
But most of all I want to sew for the pure enjoyment of it, to listen to the hum of my sewing machine, to see the lovely thread unravel onto the fabric and create a masterpiece- at least in my eyes!
I am making a list of all projects to be finished this year- or at least in the forseeable future, some for an October exhibition, but I have to admit I am a last minute queen, so October will come round very quickly and I will be struggling to get projects finished.
The green pieces are for a new quilt for October- why start more when you already have several in the making ?- its for a themed piece, so it is OK to start a new quilt, isn't it?
The green fabric is by the lovely Lisa Walton, and it is my favourite colour.

 Ths cupcake fabric came yesterday after a trip south with a friend, we happened to stop at a fabric shop on the way home, it was as if her car just had to go there!  I have a project in mind for the school fair for some small items for the craft stall.
Now to get stitching!

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Cooking music

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The lovely head of performance music at our school is leaving this week, we will miss him, he is very talented and a really nice person too! and he inspires all the students with his enthusiasm
I have baked cookies for tomorrow- music ones, he plays a mean saxaphone and I have found a sax cookie cutter last year.

Not sure if they will get iced...

Sunday, March 25, 2012

New blades

What a difference new rotary cutter blades make!
I have just put a new one in the old cutter, and cut easily through 8 layers of fabric- hooray! This is a block or at least part of one from a Hawaiian quilt I am making, it is a long term project and I am almost at the end of the blocks.
Now to get them ready to take camping next week. I can sit and stitch for a few hours and they will almost be done. Then comes the machine quilting- my next favourite part.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

A little win

This is my Sewcalgal sample for this month, it is orange thread on black- black is the new calico.  This has a little Diane thrown in from last month.
Off to the quilt show tomorrow to view some quilts- my challenge entry has won 3rd prize, pretty happy as there is some firece competition. Will post a pic when I take one tomorrow, as I can't find the other camera with it on....
I also will buy some thread, so many ideas in my head- not enough space for them to get consolidated, but the only way to get some good thread here is to mail order or get it at the show - then the ideas may flow in order, or at least some semblance of order.
The Under the Southern Skies quilts will also be here in Brisbane, and I am really looking forward to seeing them.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

quilted book covers in black

In the interest of donating things to the school fair I am madly making little purses and book covers, they are good sellers and are easy to make, also a great way to use up scraps of batting, and practice new designs, or consolidate loved ones! These are for A5 books still, as in the last post, but using black fabric. They have turned out well, and I am happy as I have some nearly empty reels of thread that are not enough for a quilt, but plenty for these little items.
I do not glue- so sewing is my preferred method of working.
green thread on black

pink fabric with wadding underneath- the rustic look!

little zippered purses

more fun thread on black
Looking forward now to getting my weekend class pieces finished and the long list of things to finish for the October quilt show.... which is growing longer each time I think about it.
Off to the craft fair Thursday to look at and maybe purchase more thread...must be organised and get what I really need for the new projects!

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Quilting class

I have spent 3 days with the lovely Kim Bradley doing a machine quilting master class. My back is unhappy, but the rest of me is very happy. It was nice to be put out of my comfort zone. I have wanted to do a mandala style quilt for ages, and had a lot of fun with funky colours and an original design on some lovely fabric- twice. that is I started 2 projects.
These pics are part of a book cover I am doing for the school fair that is in May, they are a really good way to do some warm up stitching. The book is A5 which is small but big enough for  a bit of fun.
When I have caught up with the housework and done some baking with some rather ready bananas- and had a massage I will do some more!

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Where have I been?

I have been at the beach! surfing- yes surfing! I have always wanted to have a go, last weekend we went to Noosa for a romantic wedding anniversary weekend and my lovely husband booked a class for me.
I was absolutely exhausted, and covered in bruises, but it was worth it! I need to build up some muscle strength and go back soon.
Everybody else was so much younger and flexible, but I was so impressed by my efforts.

first effort- I actually stood up! pure excitement..
such concentration!

Now to get back to sewing and get my challenge piece finished and some other things which have deadlines looming.
Quilt pictures next time...