Sunday, April 3, 2011

New Red Shoes

For the past few months I have been behind in deadlines, well today  I have finshed one and almost another work. My critique group 'Broad Strokes' went to the Valentino exhibiton last year, our challenge was to make a piece inspired by this fantastic exhibition.  I pontificated for ages, and then in a flash came the idea -shoes, not just any shoes, but RED shoes. I bought a pair of red boots a few weeks ago, and my favourite pair of shoes are red, so it was an obvious choice.
Now what sort of thing to make?? I ended up making 3 postcards, useful, not too big, not too difficult, but you get the idea. I really loved the Valentino sequinned shoes, made to match the dress, sadly I do not have a red sequinned dress! but I can dream....Could have done more, but got sucked in by Julia Roberts and Richard Gere, can't sew and drool at the same time.
These small challenges are great, but the thing is I do not want a pile of sample pieces, I want useful things, so maybe postcards are the way to go, at least by todays thinking!
What is the best way to approach  a challenge?
Went to a sale at a sewing shop today, (and yesterday) spent the equivalent of a football ticket or two, my lovely new book and other goods will last longer than a game of football and give me hours of pleasure.

I am on a steep learning curve, learning how to crop pictures before I upload them, my family are amazed that I can do such things. Keep an eye out for better pics in the future.

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