Sunday, April 20, 2014

A new design wall!

I have requested a design wall for the last three Christmas' .
Well today after a week at home lying low after a hit on the head with a golf ball my husband has made me a fantastic design wall....
I have many projects on the go, but decided to wait till the Bernina 820 is back in my hands so I can start to use it for machine quilting, so what did I do- I started a new project! I have a large box or 2 of scraps, not big enough for anything but a small appliqued flower or so, although some are larger pieces. I have cut some into strips and am making a string quilt, a rectangular A5 size block.
Its really easy, does not require too much brain power, I need to get up and press occasionally, so I am not sitting or long periods of time! and its growing fast, AND most of all I am remembering the lovely fabric and why I initially purchased it and what I use it for, or who gave it to me.
A lovely way to spend an afternoon.
I did finish a piece for an exhibition later in the year and have done some preliminary work on  another project.

scraps ironed and stripped
scraps waiting for ironing

half sewn blocks

hooray! new design wall, needs to be put in final resting place, but this is good enough for now!

Excellent reading, so much eye candy and great blog references. might even buy this one!

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Multi skilled

The theme this week is multi skilled! I have been doing a number of little things, mostly trying to finish and get myself organised.
Dish cloths being the fad of the week- I have nearly finished my second one, its quite therapeutic to knit! 
My almost 21 year old son wants to knit himself a jumper, so its off to the wool shop this week.
These are cotton and fun.

 A few years ago, my friends and I made some birds to display at Warwick on  a tree. One of us works at a kindergarten and took the stray leftovers to work. the children love them, so in the tidying process a few days ago I found the fabric I had painted and also a great lot of wadding trimming I was loathe to throw out- which made excellent filling. These are a  few, maybe when I get my head in order I will make some more.

 This is Cactus silk- well maybe polyester... a sneak peek at a piece I am working on.
Lying low over the long weekend, I actually have it off as I am doing day work for 4 weeks. My lovely husband has a golf injury- so we are at home - oh- I might be quilting all weekend as he is in no fit state to paint as planned.