Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Happy New Year

The xmas tree is down, the decorations almost put away. Time for a new year with a  new start.
Santa did bring some gifts, and I must say that the EQ7 program walks all over EQ5! So much better, easier to use- even for this computer  idiot!

My lovely son ordered some yummy fabric which arrived this morning, and an added gift voucher- lucky me.

I have been madly machine quilting a project piece, just up to the binding- hooray! now to get some other projects finished, one for a belated birthday gift and the wedding quilt, maybe not in time for the wedding itself, but soon!
Life as usual is busy, I lost the address book and along with it my birthday remembering this year, so lets hope next year is much better.
Just loving sitting inside in the cool and checking out all the amazing blogs with inspiring machine quilting.

Celebrating new years eve early tonight as I am too old to stay awake- unless I am being paid to work, remembering fondly the night I worked 1999 new years eve- interesting- no the world didn't end, and we all survived the night. A great way to spend new years eve cloistered in a ward with people who you will never see again- mostly!
Bring on 2014-!
A little tidying found me these in my sewing room, OK now to keep them safe until I need them

Sneak peek at blue and white quilt almost finished

Quilt ready to have border sewn on and pinned and quilted, 3 weeks and it needs to be done!

A little table runner, some funky fun quilting, just trying out some ideas

Monday, December 16, 2013

Dear Santa

Dear Santa,

for Christmas I would really love- in no particular order

* more hours in the day
* less days at my proper paid job ( which I love but really don't need to love it so much!), and more at home to quilt
* a box of basting pins- I just used them all up
* something that sounds like Gammill
* limitless designs in my head, sometimes I get stuck!
* another overseas holiday.

In the meantime I am trying to cram as much into every day as I can- but getting a little tired after work to sew, but trying really hard to achieve lots. I do not have any holidays over the Christmas period, mine start on Jan 27th- then its off to have a great rest and catch up with old friends. yay

 I bought this book at the Pompidou Centre in Paris, such inspiration, it is a colouring "book that says "Anti Stress on the cover! just excellent. There were 4 books but my luggage would only cater for 1 sadly, maybe next time. Maybe I might mail order some?
 A block from my QQ night group challenge, slowly evolving
 A quilters helper, a bit fluffy with lots of shedding going on.
What I am working on at the moment, actually trying to quilt 2 quilts simultaneously.