Saturday, May 25, 2013

A busy day ahead for the mad quilter

This week we have decided to paint our beige bedroom- to a much more exciting Antique White, yes I would prefer colour, but I have been over ruled. A nice bright print or quilt might suffice, its strange to see the room bare. Hopefully it will be heaps lovelier  not beige! what possessed these people to paint every and I mean every surface beige!
soon to be white and crisp
I have been madly quilting my Row by Row quilt for Queensland Quilters,  just a bit of added sparkle needed now in the form of a bit of funky coloured quilting in a few places. This is the back, I have been experimenting with colour and quilting designs for this one- on the front!- - the feathers are because I just had to have some! it has been a fun journey, however twice I have found myself undoing the backing where it has been caught in the quilting, luckily only a small bit of undoing.
almost done! if you look closely enough there is a small bit of unpicking required
I attended the Mad Quilters Gathering in Brisbane yesterday, as the original mad quilter, I was a little disappointed, no exhibition except for some lovely antique sewing machines. Lots of shops, some old, some new, some unnamed, most maybe internet or maybe country Qld or NSW. the new look Down Under Quilts and the team were there,  I have some pictures of my work in the new one  and will hopefully have a quilt project in the next one.
I made a block with the lovely Coorparoo Quilters at their stand- some charity quilts in the making, which is what they do very well.
Ran into a few friends, then had to make a runner to pick up my daughter- and buy her some new shoes- black boots- plain and boring not like my sexy new ones!
Looked for the Modern Quilt Guild stand, but they weren't there.
Overall I am not really sure who the MQG is aimed at, or what the purpose is, exposure for some new or smaller shops maybe?