Friday, January 25, 2013

Sewing room in need of a tidy

 This is one view of my sewing room, the cutting table- yes, a few works in progress.

The work table, some more works in progress and some tools of the trade to keep me on track. Cookbooks - of course and a colour wheel.
We went to the Lifeline Bookfest, it has been open for a week and still there are many thousands of books for sale. I could have bought a shopping trolley full, but was very restrained, we did come home with 3 jigsaw puzzles more cookbooks and a travel book for the next holiday.
I have 4 more days off work this weekend if you count the rest of today, lots of sewing to be done, some relaxing too as I have had one of those very busy weeks at work and am in eed of rest and relaxation.

Monday, January 21, 2013

Pictures at last

We have lived in this house for nearly 7 years, and at last have the family pictures on the wall. They have new frames, and are mostly of small children and tired parents! We are having a studion portrait session next week to get one of older children and not so tired parents!
Don't those children look cute- a little deceptive maybe!

At last Blogger has allowed me to post a picture too, a little troublesome, but I think I have it sorted out too!

This wonderful wire praying mantis sculpture and its mate was found wanting to come home with me from the Bribie Island Gallery last weekend, it joins a small collecton of wire insects.
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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

bah humbug

Well, when the young butcher asked yesterday''did you have a good Christmas?" The only answer was well not really, worked every day and it was busy and not straight forward (many problems), had a middle ear infection, plus really bad toothache- about to go to specialist this afternoon- at last they think they know what is wrong, the pain is almost unbearable.
Poor man, might stop having small talk with his customers. So much hype about Xmas, and it really is one day, over in a flash.

Christmas is any day you get to spend with a friend or loved one, family or not.
That's the bottom line.
I have had some lovely days with lovely friends this past few weeks, some on Xmas day, some not. It doesn't matter what day it is , its the catching up that matters.

That's that for another year.

my words of wisdom for today.can't seem to post a picture again, will work on it asap. When my brain is in working order.

Monday, January 7, 2013


We had a lovely few days at Lennox Heads, one day my husband played golf at Byron Bay, the golf course is lovely and green, many large trees, with a fantastic array of fallen leaves on the course for me to pick up.
If blogger would allow me to attach the pictures you could see them!

Hopefully they will be inspiration for a new quilt....

I have been trying hard to get my Queensland Quilters challenge piece done, just pieced the back, now to quilt it then add more applique.
There are many tiny remnants of the challenge fabric, can't justify to throw any out - just in case.
It makes me think outside the box, I really enjoy challenges, but what does one do with all these small quilts made with fabric that you would not ordinarily buy? mostly they are wall hangings. Good for gifts I suppose.

2 days off work to do some serious sewing and get my ......painful tooth fixed..... lets hope it gets better soon, might have to spend the holiday money on dentist fees.