Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Ask a busy person

What do I need? another project that is not my first choice to make!
Isn't that what we do, give a project to a busy person because we know they will finish it, I am a bit of a bunny like that-the busy person who will fit everybody else in!
Of course, I am a silly girl,

I am piecing a raffle quilt for Queensland Quilters, its  a fun modern quilt, the pattern is by Geta Grama, from Romania. I bought the pattern and Geta graciously allowed us to use it for a raffle quilt. The theme this year is blue and white, so its quite fitting I am almost finished, it just needs the borders, then its off to a friend to quilt. I am quite happy with this , it was easy to make and the instructions were great, even though I suspect that Geta's first language is not English.

I have been gifted some books recently from my son, he did some internet shopping, I am again very happy with his choices, and I even emailed Victoria Findlay Wolfe to say how much I enjoyed her book. Now to make a Double wedding ring quilt!
The Emporia Rose is form the guild library, I am a little besotted by Rose Kretsinger, she did the most amazing quilting and applique. I must finish my Rose quilt soon! its almost ready to piece the blocks together and baste!

Thread I am using for hand stitching on  a piece made by a friend, it may be shown publicly, so no sneak peek here!

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Busy quilting at last!

Its as busy as it can get here.
Number one son is on bed rest for several weeks after a back injury, Uni yet to start- lucky for him.

Quilting and getting on top of my challenge commitments and other self imposed commitments is taking up most of my non paid employment hours!

I am enjoying doing some modern piecing, also getting back to some improvisational piecing.
There are many pinterest pages and other blogs and websites to take my interest and keep me from actually quilting, it takes a fair amount of self control to get away form the computer!

Pictures in the next blog= the computer needed to be cleaned and stripped, they are all on a hard drive- another day I will try to figure it out!! it was hard enough to access this blog due to password difficulties......