Sunday, June 23, 2013

A very busy Sunday

We are not used to spending weekends at home together. Today because I am on night shift and it has been raining and therefore no golf etc, we are at home together!
 Me waiting for Peter to move the rest of the furniture out and start painting quietly so I can go to sleep before another single night shift!
 A little hand pieced quilt I made many years ago, it has been on the arm of the couch - which is going to be thrown out as its falling apart. The quilt is going too, it is beyond retrieval.
 A close up of the disintegration.
 The sewing room ready to have the carpet pulled up so we can have lovely soft new grey carpet this week. I have moved every piece of fabric and all the other sewing stuff I own! what a big task. I did do some culling along the way which was quite therapeutic. Now to do some reorganising when I put it all back later in the week.
Another view, this table can stay and just be wheeled around  so I can continue to sew all week, I am on a deadline and need to fill every minute with valuable sewing time.

Saturday, June 15, 2013

What have I been doing?

Ho hum, painting bedrooms is not my true idea of fun, but we have done it, new fluffy and soft carpet laid, now to move the furniture back in (culling some clothes along the way). So now to get the office painted , then clear the sewing room- which is very full of my belongings and then get the carpet laid there too - 3 rooms- we are doing so well!
Sort of on a roll. Need to get it done before the end of June.

 Bedroom with some furniture, waiting for bed to be made, might have to make a new quilt - for me! Thinking about a fun soft bedhead, just thinking, will do some measurements and see if I can get some board cut and make a padded cover.

The office/ study getting stripped ready fro painting, look at all those books to move- twice- might cull some of those too!


Fabric waiting to be made into fish for a bright kids quilt, think I can sneak past my husband into  the sewing room while he works?

Monday, June 10, 2013

A change of pace

 My latest quilt, in the piecing stage at the moment, it will be a queen size master piece! I hope. Sashings done and 1/4 of the big blocks, just got to clear the migraine and the mind and get to it. I am on a pretty tight deadline for the Queensland Quilters quilt show this year, and have several other things on the go as well - just to keep me honest.

 This is a corner of a quilt I  have quilted for Judi, of River City Sewing Machines, it is a charity quilt. I really enjoyed quilting it as the colours are particularly pleasing, my daughters bedroom features this green and purple.
These books are Fast Back- which means you have a week to read them, a little foolish to take 2 at once, but I really enjoyed reading them, actually I really enjoy reading, but have the thought in my head that a book must be started then finished in almost one sitting! makes it hard to get on with stuff like dinner and work etc. But it is a mark of a good book when you can't put it down.
The Beloved is by a Brisbane author, and won a premiers prize.