Friday, June 12, 2015

Still madly Quilting!

There are some busy times ahead of me as I try to finish some pieces for the Queensland Quilters next show, however I have had an entry into the Wollongong Modern quilt show in Kiama this year. Peter and I went to Sydney for the weekend, had a great time, wine bars, nice food, great company and of course the quilt show. Vivid Sydney was on as well, which was a little treat in itself, especially for the photographer.

I have many projects on the go, some slow and some really wanting to be finished soon.
Sadly lacking time most weeks, and of course the neck problems of a machine quilter slow me down.
 A new but old project, my night group is having a Log Cabin quilt challenge, I have not started  for several reasons- no energy, no time, lacking enthusiasm! but I found these old blocks- circa 1990 and decided that they could be joined to make the centre block.

 Then I found this Tula Pink fabric in Sydney, Its perfect for the first border.
My current machine quilting project, almost finished, bright and bold and lots of fun!

Of course, the big question is! do I make small or large quilts in the next year or so? big ones are great, but I do have a few folded away not being used, of course, small ones are quick and easy- but what does one do with them??