Tuesday, April 12, 2011

purple is not a good skin colour

This is what happened inthe dark on my way to the ladies when we were camping on the weekend- the moral of the story is - watch where you are going and have a good bright torch.  I just rolled my ankle in a gravel ditch. Not happy, luckily no broken bones, but a bit painful and swollen etc. Notice the blue streak up my leg- hopefully not much nasty tendon/ligament damage.
Lots of sewing time, but of course I need a big shove to get motivated. Have lots to do.... what to start first.
One of my groups Coorparoo Quilters is having an exhibition soon, and I  need to make a mug bag, a placemat and a cushion.  Maybe thats where I should start.
I have almost finished the red stars, well the main parts, now I need some more fabric to make them into big blocks, that can be todays job while I am resting.
I am not entirely sure if its a good thing to get out of night duty or not! at least 2 nights go quickly, unlike a swollen ankle which could take weeks.
Keep posted for finished articles.


  1. C'mon Jane make the most of your at home time and get sewing.

  2. Sore ankle has to be better than a sore hand?!