Sunday, May 18, 2014

A busy life

My friends and I went on a scavenger hunt a few weeks ago, one of the treasures to find and do was a rubbing, this small piece of art was a good find. So many hidden treats on West End! it was a fun day, maybe we will do it again.....

 At the Queensland Quilters Art Quilters day we were shown how to dye tea bags- yes that's the used bag minus the leaves, dried and ironed if you please, they were folded and clipped with a paper clip then dipped in the dye. Now the big question- what to do with the things then?? I needed some postcards for another event- so they became fast and fun postcards, free motion flowers, all a little individual! not bound as I liked the white edges, some discarded batting scraps and some iron on stiffening, as I had run out of fast 2 fuse. Then some fabric paint at the last minute...  A good bit of fun.

 Below is the growing pile of "string "pieced blocks, just needed 38 more to make as of the final count last night, not that my scrap pile is getting any smaller, but my son loves it! he is 21.
 A small high this week as my blue and white :"Stones in the Ocean" named by aforementioned son was published in Down Under Quilts. I am really pleased with this quilt as it is so fresh and nearly modern. AND it used up lots of scraps! There are many versions of this style of quilt- rows of strips of differing widths with rows of some kind of applique, this is my version and I am happy to see it published.
Somehow I seem to be making strip style quilts this year, maybe its my brain trying to get in order!