Friday, April 15, 2011

Mismatched clothes

I sent an entry into Lisa Walton's  Whimsical Woolies' competition last week, if I had known that the judge was Jane Davila -well I would have tried harder!!
Oh well, no win here, but I had fun and my piece was very tongue in cheek - "Whimsical Jane - her clothes never match".. it is on Lisa'slog, and is on display at the AQC.
It was fun, it made me tidy my bead boxes, and think outside the square, not that I already do. I used some goodies that had been in my cupboard for a while, which is good, and tried a new technique or two. Now I just need to perfect a few things, maybe next time.
The 'arms' are free machine quilted with some oil sticks added for glitz!,  a little like one of my favourite shawls. The arms are sort if loose, although you cannot see it in the picture. " I" may well travel, so you may see 'me" where ever Dyed and Gone to Heaven are. Yes, it is a real picture of my face. My computer skills are expanding at a great rate! however I wish I had learnt to type at school as I need to watch the keyboard.....and do lots of corrections.
The really good thing about a challenge is that it does make you stick to a timeline and also to try new things. I will continue to do challenges, I have had a few challenges in my life this week, but am pleased to report that my toes/ankle/foot etc are now purple/yellow/ green and the swelling is subsiding and I am not hobbling so much. Back to work tomorrow so I had better be on the ball. Sad really as I am now on track with my 2 quilt tops that I have been piecing, one very traditional and one very 'Jane Sassaman' to those of you in the know.

The next news is that we went to see 'Paul' at the cinema, not my sort of movie, but actually quite funny if you don't mind a bit of interesting lanuage. Really funny....

Happiest in my room sewing.


  1. But she/you is/are really really cute.

  2. Whimsical Jane looks great Jane. Takes me back to my doll making days.

  3. Really enjoying the blog. Thank-you.