Thursday, March 27, 2014

A challenge and a new machine

A random selection of happenings this week.
Last week saw Queensland Quilters launch its 30th birthday Challenge, 2 of my friends won prizes! there was a good selection of small 30 cm  x 30 cm quilts. Mine is below, a fun and bright little number, a lot inspired by the very noisy parakeets that are fed each morning by our neighbours, the birds fly very quickly and very close if you happen to be near.

challenge quilt

New threads that came in the post -
A close up of my current project- a cot quilt- I was a little afraid of the Frixion iron off pens but am happy so far......

Another close up showing more quilting after ironing off the Frixion pen!
 It was with much sadness and heavy hearts that we farewelled Peter's aunt this week, following a very sudden illness, she was more a friend and big sister and almost mother figure to both of us, especially after we moved to Queensland 8 years ago. She will be sadly missed by our family.
 Dianne did the most wonderful and precise hand embroidery and applique, her sense of colour and attention to detail was quite amazing.
The Bernina belonged to Dianne. It is now mine.
I am about to read the instructions and hopefully get a lesson or 2 and do some serious sewing. My 20 year old son was even impressed and though he could learnt to sew too!

Monday, March 24, 2014

a family day

A day with some extended family from far and wide.
A long drive. Sharing a meal.
Listening to calming waves of the ocean at night.

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

New quilting design inspiration

I bought 2 lovely old silver spoons recently, once polished they have some great designs, I did some preliminary drawings, not great drawings- but you get the idea, they can be tweaked , and added to. A little fun. Double lines and simple fills are easy, great for modern quilts and even traditional ones too!
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 You cant really see the designs on the spoons in the pictures, but they are there, and inviting me to do some more drawings. I even enjoyed - in a  strange way polishing the silver- the designs became more evident the more I polished.
 Some new fabrics, a project I am working on, just need to start cutting- today is the day. I wasn't convinced about the paler pink, but my daughter said- "that's perfect" so in it goes. Might have to get some more oft he teal- hmmm I bought it on holiday- might have to go back.....