Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Exhibiting more than once

I am in a dilemna, one of my groups is having a quilt show soon, do I send along quilts that have already been exhibited elsewhere, or do I find some previously unseen work ? I have always only shown quilts once, as I feel that unlesss they are absolute show stopppers (which incidentally some of mine are!) they should only be outed once. In the USA, many quilted are shown at every possible opportunity, so may be I will too. This is some incentive to finish a pieces that I have been working on for some time.....
I know this is a bit old fashioned, and I should just resist the sensible in me and show some that have been see before. The audience may be different, or they may want to see them again.
What is the general consensus?

I have finished my portfolio cover for the Broad Strokes group, its a piece of hand dyed silk paper (dyed by my mum) laid ontop of a piece of hand dyed fabric- by me- then heavily machine quilted, I am thinking of doing some oil stick work on it, but need to have a think about it first. It folds in the middle to make a book like folder to hold all those challenge pieces and smaller works of art.
It is aboutA3 size when folded.
One more article finished, hooray.

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