Thursday, April 14, 2011

Peg doll

This delightful peg doll - midwife with baby - actually was made by my daughter when she visited my mother recently for the school holidays. It is really cute, a bit fiddly, and most of all personalised for me.
Today I had lovely lunch with some dear friends, but have now come home to kids and laundry ! but hope to find some time to get my red and white blocks finished, 5 down, 4 more to go, thats more than half way! The starch really does make a difference, the fabric is not distorting especially on those bias edges.
Now that my creative juices are flowing, I am getting started on another piece that I will be able to use at the Holllis Chatelain class in a  few weeks. The sewing room is a mess, but who cares! at least I am doing something not just sitting getting fatter -must try to get to the gym when I am more mobile...


  1. How thoughtful of Isabelle- very cute. Lovely lunch, thanks.

  2. It's a beautiful doll - am enjoying your blog and hope the foot is mending quickly.