Sunday, February 26, 2017

A week of finishes

I am trying hard to not start any new projects!

 famous last words!

However, I have finished 3 pieces this week which I am really happy about.

1. My piece for the AQC Flora and fauna challenge has got past the first round of jurying, I have put the label and velcro hanging strips on yesterday, it is ready to be posted tomorrow.

2. I have finished a quilt for a magazine article, it took a little longer than I thought, but I am really happy with the finish and am pleased I didn't rush it.

 A sneak peek at the back.

3. I have finished quilting a small piece for Bernina. More fun than function, I really enjoyed using the Bernina rulers and some fun thread.


I have pieced 2 more Farmers Wife blocks. 
A little spray starch goes a long way with these small pieces!

While this looks odd, it is how the pattern was shown!

 I have been enjoying being a little random with my fabric selection, obviously light and darks, but putting together different combinations of prints is quite liberating.

I have also had the pleasure of teaching some machine quilting classes, its fantastic when someone who has never done any free motion before just 'gets it!'
So much fun to teach an enthusiastic crowd!

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Farmers Wife week 6

The Farmers Wife is coming along nicely, I did redo one block and then made another two yesterday, now that I am back from my holidays and back into working, not travelling, I hope to make at least 2 if not 4 blocks each week!
I have a good selection of red and red with white/ cream fabrics, sometimes it is really easy to choose which fabrics, other times I have difficulty as I have so many. There is a little nostalgia as I come across a scrap of something old that was used in a previous quilt.

week 6

week 6, this was fun as these fabrics are all new!
I attended the Handi Quilter Academy on the Gold Coast last weekend, I attended classes with Birgit Schuller- ruler work- this was fun, I came away with many new ideas and can't wait to have more time at my machine! 
I also attended some classes with Kelly Cline- she is a master of Vintage Linens, I had so much fun and really absorbed some of the energy and enthusiasm around quilting vintage linens. I have quilted one tablecloth in the past that belonged to my mother in law.

Now I am going to concentrate on some smaller items. Below is one started in my class- it is still a work in progress.

This is a piece I found in my aunts belongings, I am in the process of finishing the stitching so that I can quilt it, luckily it's almost done as I am a bit slow, but am happy that it is almost as neat as Dianne's stitching!

Monday, February 13, 2017

Farmers Wife week 5- what a week!

What a week indeed, firstly a lovely romantic wedding in Adelaide, together with a fantastic gathering of old friends for a few days. Just wonderful.
Then a few days with my husband touring South Australia, some relatives and a few days on our own in the Coonawarra wine region.

Many fine glasses of wine tasted...

Then back home for a few nights before a wonderful day and night at a quilt retreat with my "people".

Then off to a very fun packed and informative weekend at Sea World on the Gold Coast at the Handi Quilter Academy convention.

I did some classes with both Birgit Schueller and Kelly Cline, long arming, even though I have a sit down machine- almost converted....

The Vintage linens is what I went for and I was not disappointed with both the fun and friendship. I met some old friends and made some new ones. I also did some ruler work, which was interesting and thought provoking, now to find time to play this week at home!
I forgot to take a picture before I rolled it on (below), maybe tomorrow I will take a better picture now I have the whole piece off the machine.

I also went to an Accuquilt class and made a block!

 My Farmers Wife Weekly Art Project took a little  back seat as I was so busy travelling, I managed to make 3 blocks at the retreat, although one needs a little refit.

 Sadly back to work this week, I hope to get lots of stitching done on my time off as it is so hot, I will have to stay inside by the aircon!