Monday, July 22, 2013

A little unknitting

As opposed to unquilting, unknitting is what is needed for this wrap. The pattern was not quite right from the start, the needle size as far too small and I felt this was OK when I finally got a size I was happy with. Of course I should have used a much larger size to get  a lacier pattern, but of course, it isn't, although it is not blocked yet. I did change to a larger needle as suggested for the garter stitch, but it is not big enough- as in my shoulders are too wide! 
 To make sure I am happy I am going to undo it- again - not quite to the end though! this is not the first time I have unknitted it.... A little frustrating, but I like it and if it is right I will wear it.
 Yesterday I went to the Coorparoo Quilters quilt show, it was lovely to see so many friends, I was a member  a few year ago, might try to go back next year.
There were some lovely quilts, some inspiring scrappy hidden nine patches too.
I made this small block as instructed by Jane G, it was fun to have a small make and take and inspire table- thanks Jane.

Sunday, July 21, 2013

How to not finish a quilt!

I have been crazily trying to get some quilts finished before a big holiday overseas, the quilt guild new guidelines say that the entry form must have  a picture of at least one finished corner- they have had problems with wrong sized quilted being entered! - the quilt magically changes sizes between the entry and the delivery of the quilt.
I have been guilty of sending a picture of a blank new unquilted / unstitched metre of fabric- and then quilted it, the size didn't differ, but boy were they confused!
So its head down and into the stitching, I have changed my mind a few times, but now have 3 or 4 quilts that will be ready. Luckily they have a small quilt category!

One quilt will have to wait til I get back, it is a wedding quilt and the wedding is not till next year, so its not on a strict deadline for this year, although it does fit the theme for the quilt show, but I am not fussed now.
 Ok, its  a little puckered, its a faced small quilt that needs a darn good press.
 Hanging sleeve half on, its a good idea to take them off bed quilts and reuse them for exhibition quilts. Bed quilts do not need hangers.
 Yes, well, this is the top, batting and backing ready to put together and quilt, I do have some days off next week set aside to do this.
Almost ready to bind.
See I am moving along, some pieces more advanced than others.....

Friday, July 5, 2013

Sewing like crazy!

I have been to Toowoomba- and no it wasn't cold.
I did a 2 day class with Gwen Marston, one day was Liberated Medallions- another day I will show the quilt. 
One thing I learned again is that all quilters do not think alike. The thing about small pieces is that the seam is about 1 inch or even less, the start and end thread lengths can be quite wasteful, I always use a " mouse" or  leader and ender piece, it is a small piece of fabric that you start with and end with, essentially never cutting the thread into long lengths,  except if it is tangled or you run out of either top or bobbin thread. I just keep sewing on and on using the mouse fabric  keeping the thread and needle in the down position, thus stopping the wastage of lots of thread, and also making much less mess on the floor. Interesting that quilters were asking what on earth I was doing! thread is to expensive to waste! Its  a bit of strip piecing, just using the same strip over and over again, I do know some quilters keep small squares next to their machine for this purpose and get lots of strips sewn while they are doing another project.
 Random parts of my quilts sitting on the floor waiting to be sewn together.
Today was based on her book 37 Sketches. Liberated small studies in colour and design.  a lot of fun, I made lots of small pieces, not joined together  as I couldn't get past the freeform piecing and fun! most ladies made a small 8x 10 " quiltlet. I have 2 speeds- stop and go! today the go was full steam ahead and I really worked hard. It was a great day, and along with a safe and really quick drive home in the dark on an unfamiliar road - I was very happy.
A good class, lots of inspiration and enthusiasm.