Sunday, October 2, 2016

Italy for a beginner!

We have had such a wonderful time in Italy! I was not sure what to expect, however have been pleasantly surprised.
So many secret places to explore. Milan was a bit of a culture shock, but we survived the traffic and shops and had some fun experiences, dinner at a small restaurant after the last supper your was fun!
A short hiatus where we went to Stein am Rhein, the Bernina factory, then onto Strasbourg. What fun we had exploring those towns.
I had a very nice 2 days at the European Patchwork meeting, met some very friendly locals who helped me on my way. I was inspired by the many quilts, both art and traditional.
Next onto Innsbruk- another surprise location! Great food, wine, fun and a time spent watching a skier goingg down the high slope!
Venice was a delight, after we escaped the bus tour groups! Burano and Murano were amazing. Would love to go back and just sit! Fantastically placed Airbnb!
Florence bought us more crowds, but also some fun with a Tuscan dinner , and a spur of the momemt- Fiat 500 drive in the country side! Excellent!
2 days the Cinque Terre was not enough, we did try to extend. A highlight was not Peter falling down and injuring his knee at the end of a vary arduous 3 hour walk in searing heat, but the amazing tracks was unbelievable!
At the European Patchwork meeting, taken by my mew friend, she spoke no English, i can count to ten in French, and order coffee and wine!

Sausages at EPM

Peter in the Fiat we had to Fold ourselves into!

Sunset at cinque terre

At the top of a gruelling Hill!

View from the top of the gruelling Hill!

The Colosseum, just down the end of our street!

Church floor, my fav

More church floor

Cinque terre!
views and the sunset cruise with amazing views!
Now we are in Rome, some history here! Funnily enough some of our best finds have been accidental and unexpected!
Am so not looking forward to the flight home and the fact that my work uniform will not fit! However it's quilt show week and I have won a prize, so a treat awaits me!
We have had some fantastic accommodation, all except the first, airbnb you are really quite good!