Friday, October 19, 2018

Back after along break

Life has certainly been busy.

 An understatement!
Recently an old friend said to me "So you are still keeping busy then?"

This year has passed me by in a flash, I did an interesting job at my work for the first few months-learning, then co teaching  the new Digital Hospital program at my hospital. 
Then I got a new full time day job, after 38 years of shift work, day work it is for me for a while.

My quilting has been happening in the background, luckily my wonderful husband loves to cook.
A few weeks ago I  had a wonderful experience judging the Tasmaian Quilt Guild annual exhibition, I was one of the TQG early members, and it was lovely to be back in my home state again, amongst friends. One of the other judges I have known since I was 17, the other is now a friend!

I had some success at the recent Queensland Quilters Exhibition- two second prizes and a judges commendation (one of those special coveted prizes!).

This is Mood Ring- Because I can!
A fun quilt to make- because I wanted to....its about 2 m square, big.

                                                                 Modern Flower- improv at its best!

Floral Medallion- started about 25 years ago, inspired to get on with it in a class with Gwen Marston , and finished at last this year.

I have been sticking to and completing the Monthly Art Project, my plan for next year is to attempt it weekly again, just need to be more organised when working full time.

Tidying my sewing room is my main objective for the next few months.

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

What I learned at AQC 2018 and special visitor

I did a day trip from Brisbane to Melbourne on Saturday

Things I learnt - I did not even do any classes!

Straight line quilting rules! -The power and simplicity of straight line quilting on modern, traditional and art quilts is evidence that straight line quilting has never gone out of fashion.

Straight line quilting can enhance, outline and even make its own deisgn!

Melbourne is as ever, beautiful, easy to get around, great food to be found for any meal at any time. Small bars are wonderful!  Embla being the bar I found - it's OK to be a woman on her own sitting at a bar with a very nice glass of wine and a bar snack for dinner with an attentive waiter!

Grey hair signals to fellow tram passengers to stand and give you their seat!

Quilters from all over are happy to chat. I have a lovely chat with Judi from Hobart from my previous life there. Brenda from NSW and I had a serious and welcome chat about the Monthly Art Project (MAP) and its predecessor the Weekly Art Project (WAP). I am inspired to continue the WAP to enable me to gather some momentum, ongoing design and construction flow and to encourage me to document my proceses and learnigns and to blog more often, while continuing with the MAP.

The quilts being produced and shown (thankyou fellow quilters) are inspiring, I wish I had more time (perhaps less time on social media) to sew. Hopefully now I have a day job, I may become more organised....

Special exhibitions are worth a day trip to anywhere they are being held.

Jetstar is interesting, hmm, I prefer not to have to pay for a cup of tea!

Melbournes grand old buildings do not disappoint. ever.

This is my son, he is home for a short while from is overseas travel and work. Having some mummy cuddle time before heading to China to work next week.

Saturday, March 17, 2018

Long time not blogging

Its been a while, life got busy, much stitching has been done, but no blogging!

I have started a day job, Monday to Friday- day work after 37 years of shift work! 
A significant change in our lives! A little less time for stitching, but if I am organised, more time as I will not be so tired.

Last year I was highly motivated and was doing the Weekly Art Project - which encouraged me to make something and blog each week. An excellent plan.

This year I am participating in the Monthly Art Project (MAP), I am keen to get back into the weekly art 'thing' as it was quite satisfying, and now that I working day work, it could be a litle easier to manage, and be organised.

My MAP  paramaters:

Specific- expand my design skills- add colour later on as I become more confident                                                                    with the black and white.
Measureable- progress will be obvious (I hope)- small blocks- about 10-12 inches                                                                                            square
Achievable- yes- small blocks, 2 colours
Realistic- expanding my 'organised Improv' skills
Timebound- yes. Machine pieced and quilted
I am inspired by Nancy Crow and the modern quilters of the rest of the world!

Here are some preliminary drawings and February and March blocks

The first 2 cuts

Progress, its a bit misshaped by now, making it larger than the intended finished size is the key to success

moving right along with the next few lines, ready to square up and quilt

Preliminary drawing for March

 March block completed.

This is proving to be a fun project, and I think that as of this week I will try to make a small block each week, be accountable and blog a little more, procrastinate a little less!

I am loving my Bernina Q20, in fact all my Bernina's! I am still doing a little machine quilting teaching along the way at local stores. Life is good!