Sunday, March 27, 2011

Start or finish?

Its so much easier to start a new project than finish and old one, isn't it?
I have many almost finished projects, but am still starting new ones.
This year I am on a mission to try to finish as many as possible. However, yesterday I started another challenge, this one for Lisa Walton's felt challenge, a  short deadline. OK, I have almost finished, but must be careful not to procrastinate too much as it needs to be posted to NSW, and I just put oil pastels on the wings so must wait for it to cure before I do much more! Its meant to be whimsical, I am showing a sneak preview of the wings, yes, my friends know that this has gone through a metamorphis onthe weekend, and the project has changed many tmes, but I was inspired and just started making. I am really good at machine quilting, so this is a step sideways for me to try something  a bit different, I have enough beads to last a lifetime I have discovered.  So no need to buy anymore, what a saving!!
Went to the Craft Expo yesterday, had a lovely time chatting and looking, bought  a few necessities, good Bottom Line thread- my favourite, and looked at the Queensland Quilters Challenge quilts, well done to the prize winners, especially my friend Jan who does some really amazing and precise work. A picture of mine to follow.
Off to start a new project ....after a bowl of fortifying porridge.


  1. Jane... where do you put wings on a cornucopia???

  2. Thanks for the compliment Jane. I just wonder what you are making? Love the stitching.