Wednesday, March 30, 2011

QQ challenge

Here is my QQ challenge quilt, a little faith required when you cut from the back of the fabric and ignore the design on the front! I was quite happy with the result, except the quilting which could have been a bit more formal and organised. Oh well, next year I will get more organised...
Time just got away from me and I was a bit stretched at the deadline.
The 3rd prize winner was a fantastic patchwork "cow' by Karen Mersiades, surprising us with every piece she makes. Not sure if they are on the Queensland Quilters website, but maybe soon for public viewing.
Today the postman bought a delivery.... some books ordered from Amazon, the Aussie $ is so good I ordered them last week.  Very speedy delivery too! A book by Phillipa Naylor -bedtime reading tonight and also the Twelve x Twelve International Art Quilt Challenge. So happy to have this to drool over and be inspired. It may not help me with this current challenge, but look out next time!
I am - yes I am working on my own challenge pieces this week, one due tomorrow for Art Quilts Around the World, and one to be in NSW by next week. 
Work has been busy and I am feeling my age when I do a quick turn around with little sleep after  a busy shift. A weekend off is just what I need.
Maybe I can get some quilting done or something more than housework if it continues to rain.

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