Tuesday, March 22, 2011

At the gym

Where have I been? well, at the gym some days, faithfully trying to get toned and lose a little padding around the middle. Shame I like good food too much!
They have new bikes, obviously expensive! you can ride on tracks up and down, you can see yourself riding as a carton character, a little hard at times, good animated scenery -I fell off twice today, well my cartoon did! But it is a good workout and times passes quickly.
My floral piece that I am doing for Art Quilts Around the World, which is being done again, this is the first effort, its more like a pot holder than anything else, its meant to be on point. Hmm, a challenge of the difficult sort, shold have chocen something easier. Should not leave things to the last minute. Looks like its sideways, but the picture is there!
Off to work, night shift, hmmm at least I can have the excuse to have the air con on all day to sleep.
Have signed up to do Lisa Walton's wool challenge, I know not much time, but you neve know I might be inspired with a days off work.


  1. Can we please have more stories on bikes and less on quilting?

  2. ho ho David you do make me laugh, just like me riding the bike, its all fantasy riding, the scenery is great - big dirt tracks with water views etc, the man at the gym was watching me laugh as I rode! free entertainment...

  3. If you could learn to quilt while riding a bike, that would be a real achievement. Ps I love your first attempt.