Wednesday, March 16, 2011

I  have almost finsihed the 5th flood relief quilt, on behalf of Queenslnd Quilters Inc. It was donated by another quilter, she had actually layered it with the batt and back, and hand basted it. The batt is a lovely soft poly wool blend, quite different from the others which had a  100% wool batt which was quite stiff and unwieldy, and in this Brisbane weather quite hot, I do have an airconditioner in my sewing room, and used it!  had this quilt on the floor to work out what style of quilting design to use, and as often  is the case my daughter walked over it! she said, 'wow that one's soft!' I suppose thats the thing, is your quilt comforting?, or is it like sleeping under a sheet of cardboard like the quilt on our bed at the moment, it is softening, but slowly. I  think it probably is a cottonl batt, and it is heavily quilted which does make a big difference.
Of course this begs the question - what batt should I use?, thicker is not always the best, we have a lovely polyester batt in a quilt that I hand quilted, so warm and even in Hobart warm enough to feel snug. Wool and cotton come highly recommended, but you can get them with a mix of ployester which makes the handle of the batt quite different.

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