Thursday, March 24, 2011

Sleeping beauty and a clean sewing room

Ok, I have worked 2 night shifts now, met a few new babies !!, the weather has been a bit( a lot actually) warm, enough for the air con to be on all day to be cool enough to sleep well.
Now a weekend off -almost- to be human again, some sewing, eating, a visit to the Craft Expo to see the Queensland Quilters Challenge quilts, didn't win a prize but you never know what will happen next year!
I am on a mission to keep my sewing room clean. I have new shelves from Ikea, my husband says ' you said you were going to keep the top of the shelves clear",  no thats actually what he wants, but I have other ideas, somethings need to be stored on top because of their size says me! and I like to look at finished and half finished things to make me happy. My ribbons make me happy, they need to be there to inspire, there are some things that are stored in a cupboard  and some in folders, sometimes I forget they are there, they cannot inspire if they are not seen.
I am trying my best! 2 virgos in the one house, and this one is clean when she wants to be!
See not too  messy after all!