Friday, March 18, 2011


The Queensland Quilters Challenge quilts were due in last week, we had a tight time line at the end, but my daughter and I got our pieces finished just in time.  This is Isabels first time entering the challenge.  An interesting fabric choice which made  for a good challenge. A sneak preview of mine here. They will be on display at the Craft Expo in Brisbane March 24-27. I am looking forward to seeing how others approached this fabric.  I do love a challenge, even if it takes me ages to get a good idea, then procrastinate over it and then finally get around to making it!

The soft floral piece for the Art Quilts Around the World on line group has ben done, but I am unhappy, so have started again, luckily its only 12" x 12". Its really hard to use fabrics you don't like or would not normally buy.
I ordered the Twelve x Twelve book online today, can't wait to see it and drool over the pics!

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  1. Looking forward to seeing it in the flesh, Jane