Thursday, March 17, 2011

Flood quilt and the queen of the last minute

Here it is, almost finished, just needs the binding done, hooray. I have actually enjoyed working on this quilt as it is so soft and really needed some soft curves.
Donated quilt for Queensland Quilters flood appeal
Now onto my own work, a few deadlines looming. I have given myself the challenge of using pastel prints for an art piece- not sure what to do yet but I expect it will come, then there is a 'flower garden' for another challenge, maybe a formal rose garden?? I have some lovely pictures from the National Rose Garden in Longford in Tasmania from earlier this year.
I nearly always leave it to the last minute! why? "the queen of the last minute" it does sometimes make you just 'do it' and not procrastinate and the work is often more spontaneous than if you have thought about it for ages.  Being creative is sometimes difficult, you see so many great ideas in books and magazines, but don't want  to copy,  using them for inspiration is a fanatstic thing, but its important to use original ideas and not copy.
What is inspiring is colour, shape and texture.
I have an idea for the flower garden that has just sprung into my head........


  1. Jane have you considered working in a series where you build upon previous ideas? I know it is hard to pull creativity out of thin air, but accumulated quilting & design knowledge always help.

  2. Get back to your own work please. Can't wait to see what happens next.