Thursday, March 10, 2011

New beginnings

A new blog for me. I will try to keep on going this time.

The question is why can I spend lots of time on a charity quilt for the Queensland Quilters Flood appeal, and then none on my own - must be finished soon with strict deadline -quilts ?

I belong to Queensland Quilters, and make both art and traditional quilts.

I also belong to Around the World in 20 Quilts, cannot post a link as this is not in my computer skills list yet.

I have posted a picture of my last prize winning quilt, a small piece on hand dyed orange fabric, freehand machine quilt in a variety of fine and funky threads. I love thread. This quilt won 3rd prize, Professional Small Quilts at the QQ 2010 quilt show. My aim for this year is to get at least 4 quilts finished for the 2011 show, and also finish the other smaller pieces that are challenges from another 2 groups that I belong to. More on that later. My big aim is to get things finished on time and not hand in or show a half finished peice!!


  1. HI Jane, Good to see your blog up and running again. Hope all your expectations come to fruition. Thought your talk at 2Q on Tuesday evening was great - I will be looking through different eyes now when I comes to quilting ny quilts. See you soon at 2QAQ

  2. Congratulations on your brand new blog. I'm looking forward to seeing lots of wonderful "stuff" here. If your prize winning quilt is anything to go by, I guess we won't be disappointed. Best wishes Vreni

  3. Sadly, my computer skills are not as good as my quilting, the picture is sideways! must learn to do better!

  4. What a great idea. How long ago was you last blog effort?

  5. Welcome to blog land Jane. Looking forward to reading lots from you! Great quilting!