Sunday, May 1, 2011

Inspired by thread

After my class with Hollis Chatelain I am well inspired.
Interestingly I ran a very much shortened version of this type of class at a recent Quensland Quilters meeting.
I will now - after cleaning the house for the dinner guests- do some serious sewing this week. There is so little time and so much to do.
The quilt line is so much a big part of the quilt, stippling all over is so hmmm, thread colours are amazing, and can change the look of a quilt so quickly, and a fun design can thrill and excite!
Now to order some threads, I have some Superior Thread colour charts, and want some more exciting colours -even flourescents. I did do  big order when I quilted a fantastic piece for a QQ raffle quilt a few years ago. Now I need more.
The shops in greater Brisbane only stock king Tut and some Bottom Line (inthe superior range) -not the full range of colours, and not even a  small stock of any of the rest of the Superior  range -sadly.
I wonder if they realise that there is more than King Tut? I find it too thick and unwieldy, and the colours are dull.  Bottom Line can excite and is so fine it can bring zing to my quilts. Also sadly I have been told that it is "bobbin fill" and "you can't use it on the top". Ha ha , I will use what I want and you just  lost my business..

Now after that grumble, a picture of Blue Dream, it won Best Domestic Machine quilting here  in Queensland a few years ago. I dreamed this quilt after seeing some fantastic red glass sculptures in a hospital where I worked. A bright, fun lively and heavily machine quilted piece of silk. I did upset  few people as I sent off a picture of a plain piece of fabric for my entry picture to the exhibition committee. The folds are a bit evident, maybe I should have steamed it and taken a new picture, but you get the idea.
Now as my friend Sue says I should work in a series, maybe this is it......

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