Monday, May 2, 2011

Coloured paper

Yesterday I was given some used paper towel!
not just any paper towel, hand painted by a lovely friend.
Now what do I do with this?  I think now that I have ironed it to straighten it out, I may mull over the idea for a few days and then make a fantastic picture, as if I was making a quilt, but using paper and glue. I may even let my daughter do some zentangling on it!
The colours are vibrant, I also got some fun pages of art journal paper with great saturated colour. The Procion dyes give such great depth of colour.

How lucky am I to be given used paper towel!

Plenty of ideas to finish my quilts for the October QQ show- its never too late to start a quilt , but they must be finished on time. Unlike last year, a few lurking in the cupboard. Get off the computer and get sewing.... left overs for dinner after a lovely night last night with friends and family for a celebration of our son's 18th birthday.
How lucky we are to have such lovely friends and family.

My Hollis Chatelain class has me buzzing with ideas, and inspiration. Now to find the energy. Wish I was going to Coffs Harbour for a few days of uninterrupted sewing.

Now to get off into my sewing room and finish some stuning quilts....

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