Tuesday, May 3, 2011


At last I have finished this cushion!  it has been languishing in the cupboard for years, it started out  as part of a quilt, but the colours got changed a little and so did my idea!
Hand appliqued hand dyed, machine quilted - of course.

One of my groups Coorparoo Quilters is having an exhibition in June, and I needed to make
1.a mug bag -done even got a matching mug by pure chance!,
2. a place mat - done, 
3. cushion -now I have done the cushion too -hooray.
Might have to make a piece or 2 for the trade table- or maybe not, time is limited.

An exceptionally good day- gym, haircut, massage, sewing. It is almost pitch black in Brisbane, just a little after 4pm ( a big storm, well lotsof clouds, not much storm here)-sunshine state???? I think not.

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