Sunday, May 22, 2011

UFOs - recapturing passion

No not unidentified flying objetcs, unfinished quilt objects/art pieces!
I have several, well a few less than last week, but still enough to keep me busy for a very long time. One is this cushion, I am donating it to the Coorparoo Quilters Exhibition, which is on June 4th &5th.
I have just finished quilting and binding the last of the flood relief quilts, thats my volunteering for this project over and done with - for the moment. Hooray!

Now to get on and work out which of the UFOs I am most passionate about and get it underway to being finished. There are some at the block stage, some needing quilting, one with some unquilting to be done! At the moment I need to be passionate about a project to do it justice, not to make a show stopper, but just to do it well and be happy with the finished piece. The flood quilts have helped to get the wheels of  my brain turning.
Being passionate about something that has been put in the cupboard for one reason or another can become difficult, we know that the piece is there, its in the back of our minds, especially when we start a new project - no matter how small. Then one day when you are doing a hunt for something else long lost in the depths of the room -there it is - a quilt top, once you were very passionate about it, but something better came along and it went to the bottom of the pile.

Now to recapture that passion and get motivated.

I promise not to start anything new till I have finished at least one large quilt from my cupboard.

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