Wednesday, May 18, 2011


After a week in Cairns with my mother I have come back rested and inspired. The vegetation in Queensland and more so in Cairns is vastly different from Tasmania where I spent the first 40 something years of my life! The Cairns Botanic gardens so different and lush and green.
There are large shiny leaves with remarkable shapes and colours. I am inspired to use these shapes in a quilt, maybe a sampler of leaves...

I also went on a helicopter ride - over reefs, islands and lots of blue water.
The snorkelling was fantastic - didn't have an underwater camera -sorry! my sister dragged me around by the hand when I got baffled with the snorkel, which made it worse as I got the giggles every time she held my hand - like crossing the road! then I got a face full of water.... In the end I got it and really enjoyed the relaxation, peace and serenity of the underwater world.
Such diverse colours and shapes under the water, so many fun fish, why have I never done this before? must go again soon.
Now to prepare the pieces for the Coorparoo Quilters Exhibition in a few weeks, and get cracking on my other unfinished pieces. Lots of cat hair to remove and hangers to sew on etc.


  1. Welcome back home. Lots of these leaves are at the Mt Cootha Botanical Gardens.

  2. Is this a new series or a development on your old one?