Monday, May 23, 2011

Bed time reading

This is my lot, reading in bed when I get the time, my husband has been away so here is his side of the bed covered with books, some cooking, some quilting. A few random ones just in case the mood strikes! I need to have them close to me! lined up like little soldiers !
I have recently read "Left Neglected", very good, could not put it down, like the other book by the same author "Still Alice". The author is Lisa Genova,  2 books well worth reading. Must see if she has written more.
Trying to find enthusiasm and passion for some projects, need to find energy for this, after a long day at work, labouring is such hard work sometimes, and then I don't get to keep the baby! pleased really as they are such hard work, and I need my beauty sleep...Peter would have a fit if I bought a baby home...

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