Friday, May 6, 2011


Todays post is about some flood relief quilts, I have machine quilted several for the Queensland Quilters , I am on my last one, someone has taken a lot of care with this quilt top. It has lovely batik fabrics, and is a type of sampler, lots of different block patterns, good piecing and good pressing. Whoever you are, you have done a good job. These fabrics are not cheap, and you have donated your time in making a lovely warm and cuddly quilt. It is a pleasure to quilt it. I am doing soft flowing lines in the blocks and a twirly vine up the sashings. Haven't worked out the border yet, but I will.
The purple thread gives a zing to these mostly warm orange blocks.
This is my bit of volunteering, a little more visible than doing school P&F things, which is a lot of work and not much thanks at the end - from some quarters.

Rewarding but sometimes hard work.
 My volunteering 'bones' comes from several sources in my family, my mother was on the school P&F, my great aunt did 'meals on wheels', one memorable Christmas my father and I did the Christmas day lunch, it was a bit spooky for a 12 yr old to wake up people at about 11am on xmas day to deliver their lunch.... It has made a lasting impression on me, so when I can't help put my hand up for a job that gives no financial reward, I have a little history, and will always remember that there are pepole worse off than me, and I can always make a difference with just a little effort.

I am just warming  myself up with this quilt, a masterpiece in the making is in my head...

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  1. Beautiful thoughts Jane & well done for all your wonderful volunteering!