Sunday, September 1, 2013


An early morning and off on the train to Seville, second class way roomier and quieter than any airplane I have been on recently!
Thank heavens for taxis- the roads here are like nothing else! Wonky and not really like the map.
We did a wonderful walk up the Giralda tower to an amazing view of Seville, 35 ramps up to the top. 
There have been lots of tasting beer here and wine for lunch! Need to keep walking lots to wear it off..... Or buy new clothes....
We have found some yummy food along the way, and also through Facebook a fellow Brisbane quilter on a similar trip- hope Ros is having as much fun as we are.
A lovely way to end the night was a river cruise, a cooling breeze and some fantastic lights on fun bridges.
Flamenco shoes! Cheap!!
Getting lost at every turn, but having fun doing it!
Floor on way up to tower
Bullfighter's costume

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