Monday, September 2, 2013


A very early start after Peter's birthday yesterday. We had a lovely dinner by the river enjoying the view, quite late at night. Found a bottle shop with a decent range of sherry to try, should last us a week or two.
It was quite hot in Seville last evening, and we were quite happy to get back to our cool room.
Today was an early start- a bus trip to Alhambra, interesting scenery along the way, thank heavens for the coffee shop we stopped at along with about 60 hungry Spanish travellers!
Alhambra was magnificent, more visual sensory overload, a lot of walking, lots of pictures taken, as usual.
So much to see , its almost a travesty that we can't see everything.
Just resting in hotel now before trying another restaurant, so many to choose from!
A birthday treat, a ride round the  parque in a carriage

Appliqué on antique matadors costume

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  1. Enjoying the photos on Peter's blog page. Certainly looks as though you are having lots of fun.