Friday, September 13, 2013


Last dinner in Spain, Bilbao, it is always wise to wear your glasses when ordering food, not quite what I thought it was, but tasted great! Outside of restaurant below.
Well here we are in France, Bordeaux to be exact. The train is such a lovely peaceful easy to travel, great views, quiet, comfortable seats.
We like Bordeaux, its easy to walk around, the only troublesome thing it has been raining a little. We walked up 231 steps to the bell tower of the st Andrews cathedral, the best view of the city, a long way up then back down again.
We have dined at the most wonderful restaurant- le Petit Mignon, such great food, service and wine. Our French is abysmal, but we managed admirably! I recall that Paris has many more English menus, oh well we do know what steak tartare is and even could eat it,But ordered some lovely dishes, I had great prawns and scallops, followed by panna cotta.
Pictures of dinner on Peter's blog-


Look what was opposite our Bilbao hotel!

Our last dinner in spain- such fun

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