Monday, September 9, 2013


We had 3 days in barcelona, peter has managed to blog every day, well me, I am a bit slower and have taken about 200 less photos every day too! Barcelona was an interesting  place, very busy, we were not expecting such long lines at tourist places, and not being able to get on the tourist bus was a real bummer in the heat, lines round the block at Sagrada Familia! And that's round 2 sides of the block! Inside was magnificent, however we didn't go into any of his other buildings as the admission price was to high 20 euros......each.....The Park Guell was lovely, so much to see, it was warm and it was my birthday!
We continue to try many different foods when we eat, however the blood sausage is not one if our favourites. We have had several versions of patatas bravas.
Lots of yummy wine to taste, and of course cold refreshing beer.
Day 2 in Barcelona saw us vying for a seat on the tourist bus again! They really underestimate their paying guests! Then when we actually got a seat up the top it rained, and rained, and rained, the rain came down the stairs- a lot of wet strangers -some laughing together, standing wondering where to get off as we couldn't see out and there was no real shelter.
Finished up in a bar with some very nice Rosé and tapas.
Ceiling at Sagrada familia, how magnificent

Park guell, nothing was straight in a strange and fun sort of way

 Laundry Barcelona style- ours and theirs!
Peter at his new favourite shop

Footpath, have seen this inspire a quilt!

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