Friday, September 6, 2013


2 days in Cordoba were hectic, but we still managed a siesta every day. Train travel here is easy between cities, comfortable plus with a lovely view along the way. I think the bus may be cheaper but we like the train.
Cordoba is a small city, we stayed in the older part of town.
Inside the cathedral, the pillars

Ceiling, with bonus rays of light

Detail on wall

More amazing ceiling
The hotel was opposite one of its biggest tourist attractions - the cathedral/mosque. So much history and amazing works of art and architecture.
As usual we have eaten ourselves round the town. Tapas in every style, and of course the local wine to wash it down. Cordoba was significantly lacking in WiFi- we both had withdrawals......
The most exciting thing we did after touring the town was a relaxing bath and massage in an historic bath house- hammam- the brochure says - bath of feelings- it was warm and soooo good. Slept well that night.
Then off on the train to Barcelona, such a contrast to the small towns and old cities we have been in.
Check out Peters blog, he has many more pictures than me, I take about 10-20 every day- he does over 200!

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