Monday, September 23, 2013


Well we have come via Spain, where it was steamy hot to Paris where is is cold and wet, 16 degrees today, a lot different from 35 in Spain!
Had to buy winter coats and a long sleeved top, and socks as my ankles were cold.
The town of Tours was lovely, so different from where we have been. We had a great day riding a bike along the river to the next town, did some wine tasting! Local wines of course.
The day tour to the chateau was lovely, a small bus with a small group, so much easier than a large group.
Now to see as much of Paris in one week! Had a walk along bd
 Haussmann to the Arc de Triomph, shame that one nasty little black thief gave us the creeps when he bumped into Peter, luckily no damage.
Well my camera is broken, and it has taken me several days to get motivated to post, even though I wrote the first part of this blog  a few days ago.
We have been everywhere of note in Paris, to Versailles, on the metro, out to dinner and to the Moulin Rouge.
My photos are a bit random as I have been using peters camera. Hmmm, he wouldn't let me bring my trusty old one and the shutter has jammed on the new one I just had to have.....we have 2  more days of holiday, then home. Giverny tomorrow.

Bed decoration

Chair at Versailles

Ceiling, so many wonderful ceilings to see

Garden at chateau

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